Training Courses

Using a combination of in-house experience and expert associates, Expert Ease International aims to meet the specific and particular needs of our clients through the development of programmes addressing the health and safety management requirements of companies throughout Ireland and UK.

Whilst addressing those needs through established and open programmes, Expert Ease International also offers tailored training, consultancy and evaluation services specific to the individual company.  In-company training is often the desired option when businesses have special development needs to meet specific projects or operational requirements.  The benefits of such programmes are that they are economical, time saving and they can be scheduled to suit the company's needs.  Training will normally take place on company premises although, if required, it can be provided off site in more suitable venues.

Contact our office for further information on any of our training courses.

CS01.   Designing confined spaces safe working procedures. Aimed at managers, supervisors and safety officers.

CS02.   The law in respect of confined spaces.  Aimed at all staff but particularly managers and supervisors.

CS03.   Managing safe entry into confined spaces.  Designed for and aimed at assisting managers to develop and manage safe entry procedures (Course includes the Confined Spaces Expert, an Expert Ease manual on safe entry.  See Appendix 2)

CS04.   Entry into confined spaces.  Aimed at all staff involved in confined space work.  Includes training in the company's Safe Working Procedure (SWP) and the use of breathing apparatus escape set and/or short term working set.

CS05.   Confined space awareness.  Aimed at staff who require knowledge of confined spaces working but are not required to enter. 

CS06.   Permit to work in confined spaces.  Aimed at all staff involved in confined space work in known hazardous atmospheres.  The course will include training in the company's Permit to Work Policy and the use of short-term working breathing apparatus.  (Participants must have completed course CS04 above).

CS07.   Rescue team training.  Aimed at authorised rescue staff.  This course will include training in the company's Rescue Policy and the use of short term working breathing apparatus.  (Participants must have completed course CS04 above).

CS08.   Maintain safe working practices in confined spaces, (Escape breathing apparatus).  Aimed at those progressing towards NVQ qualifications.  Course may be tailored to cover any or all of the elements in NVQ Unit CSE01.  The end of course assessment will count as evidence towards overall assessment for the award.

CS10.   Chemical and vapour suit training.  Aimed at staff who are required to enter into known hazardous atmospheres to limit damage or effect minor repairs.  Candidates must be trained and licensed to use short-term working breathing apparatus.

CS11.   Refresher courses.  Designed to update and re-certify staff who have previously attended courses CS04 to CS08 above.

CS12.   Managing Safe Work Practices in Confined Spaces.  To provide managers and supervisors with a practical knowledge of the techniques for managing safe confined spaces entry.

Permit to Work Systems. To provide process and maintenance operatives with and awareness of the issues and procedures associated with permits to work. 

PW01.   Permit to Work on Electrical Systems. 

PW02.   Introduction to Permit to Work Systems.  

PW03.   Permit to Work on Pipe-work Systems.

PW04.   Permit to Work for Hot-work Operations.

PW05.   Permit to Work for Work at Heights.